Owning a home is by far the most cherished aspiration for a large section of the Indian population. Realising the ambitions and dreams of our customers, we have constantly reiterated our promise of making home ownership affordable and convenient. It is this resolve that drives us to take significant strides to create a sustainable, granular and affordable portfolio.

Leading The Way

A calibrated approach to improve our geographic reach and strengthen the distribution network has allowed us to record the highest ever annual disbursal of J 4,000+ crore in FY2022-23. Remarkably, our AUM has crossed J 8,000 crore in March, 2023, a phenomenal achievement which is a resounding testament to our ability to fulfil customer expectations.

Keeping financial inclusion at the core of our efforts, we strive to meet the needs of the country’s unbanked and underbanked population. With a healthy portfolio and prudent lending strategies, our top line continues to report excellent growth year after year – thereby bolstering our position as one of the largest affordable housing finance companies in India.

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By offering housing loans, loan against property, topup loans and construction finance, we aspire to build a sustainable, granular and affordable portfolio. With continuous improvement in our product quality, we were able to achieve our lowest ever Gross and Net stage 3 assets.

Dear Shareholders,

Looking back at the year with a sense of contentment, I am honoured to present to you Shriram Housing Finance Limited’s (SHFL) annual report, which showcases yet another fruitful year for our business. We have evolved and grown as a result of our steadfast commitment to creating a high-velocity organisation, with a focus on harnessing technology, innovation and a customer-centric strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

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Shriram Housing Finance Limited (SHFL) is among the country’s fastest-growing affordable housing finance companies.

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Our Vision

Housing for All

Implementing the National Vision of ‘Housing for All’ in our ‘Shriram’ way by reaching out to all sections of the population with innovative home loan schemes.

Our Mission

Finding Ways to Funding Homes

To serve the underserved population of the country in fulfilling their aspiration of owning a dream home by ‘Finding Ways to Funding Homes’.

Delivering financial excellence with agility

Being a responsible corporate steward

At SHFL, we are committed to providing inclusive and affordable financial solutions to all our customers while prioritising employee satisfaction, community development and responsible corporate governance. We believe in giving back to the society in which we operate. We aspire to enrich our local communities through our CSR projects to assure their development and upliftment.

We are committed to promoting financial inclusion by providing access to affordable housing finance to all sections of society. We recognise the importance of providing credit as a means of promoting inclusive economic growth. Through our initiatives, we are working towards providing access to credit and financial services to individuals and families who hail from the underserved sections of society. Our loan products are designed to meet the unique needs of these customer segments and we are committed to supporting their aspirations of owning a home and achieving financial stability.


Customer benefitted by NHB refinance

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Getting recognised for our efforts